Data, Systems & Analytics

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Our Data

We are data driven.

Most of our processes have a data collection component that we continuously collect:

  • Sales data - including date/time, experiences, tickets, customers, and counts.

  • Customer data - including semistructured feedback data, origin, destination, and purchased items.

  • Entrepreneur data - including name, experiences, onboard dates

  • Partnership and supply data - including name, relationship state,  date, notes.

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Our Systems

Scalable experiential tourism infrastructure.

All our systems are integrated, scalable, and extensible.

  • Data is collected from all components and flows to our Fusion Analytics platform.

  • Each component can be scaled appropriately to support any size destination.

  • Our systems are built to be enhanced with additional systems as needed.

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Our Analytics

Enabling augmented decision-making.

Our underlying Fusion Analytics platform provides the ability to unify all of our internal data sets as well as any external data. This data may be ad platform data, your internal data, industry datasets, or any data that may be specific to your destination.

This system allows you and us to see the entire operation in one view. You no longer have to reason with siloed data that is isolated from the entirety of your destination.

The result is the capability to enhance your intuitive decision-making with data.

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